My name is Lauren Hillman and I’m a food enthusiast. I love everything about it; eating it, making it, learning about it, buying it – you get the picture.

I started cooking regularly when I was a sophomore in college, but I really didn’t get going until after I graduated. My eyes glued to the Food Network, I would watch Rachael Ray, Emeril and the rest of the gang well into the night.

I love to use new recipes that are easy to make on a weeknight after a long day of work. I tend to use a published recipe, however I make shortcuts here and there to save time or if I don’t have a particular ingredient.

I started the “Hillman’s Helpings” e-mail newsletter for friends and family a few months ago to help other 20-somethings get over their fear of cooking. I found that a lot of my friends were stuck in a cooking rut, or just didn’t know they could actually enjoy it!

I try to make the recipes as easy, quick and healthy as possible so as not to discourage anyone.

I decided to start this blog as compliment to my e-mail, and also to share thoughts on the wonderful world of cooking. Enjoy!!