We hit up Perry’s in Adams Morgan on Friday night to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We had a reservation for 6 for the roof (in the 90-degree heat) and were seated right away. The crowd is a bit older than the traditional AM crew, with mostly everyone in their early 30s. The roof was packed.

Overall I’d give the service a B and the food a B+.

Service – our waitress was quite pleasant but she kept dissappearing when we were hoping to order! We were enjoying ourselves so it didn’t matter all that much, but it was close to an hour before we even ordered any food! Additionally, we’d ordered some sushi rolls as an appetizer and a few entrees for our main courses. Our entrees happened to come out first and the sushi came later. Becuase of this mix-up, we were given these great lemonade drinks on the house!

Food – I’ve always thought the view from the roof of Perry’s was better than the food. This time, I was pleasantly suprised. The sushi tasted very fresh and my butterfish was only a little overcooked. The dessert they brought out for the birthday girl was this chocolate parfait thing that was great!

All in all, Perry’s is a fun place to go for decent food and a great view – just don’t go when you’re in a hurry…